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ZAPCO Amplifiers

Competition Series

In 2012 Zapco introduced the new Z-Series of SQ amps. These amps were not conceived so much by our engineers, as by input from audiophiles and car sound fanatics around the world. Starting about 2004, at Zapco training seminars in Asia and in the EU, we began running into audiophiles who were changing certain internal components in our amplifiers to achieve what they felt was better quality sound. So for the Z-Series of Zapco amplifiers, we experimented with internal components and new circuits to see if we could take our amps to the next level of sound quality by investing in different internal components and circuit designs, and the resulting Z-Series amps were the results of this unique development method. Over the last years we have developed two new specialized amplifiers to take auto sound to a different level.

The Z-Series AP amp, the ultimate SQ competition amp w/no controls except gain, designed by listening with ears as much as by measuring. We built an amplifier to set new sound quality standards for both home and car sound reproduction.

A purpose-built competition series amplifier is the Z-SP amplifier. An amplifier that will be used on the street, in the open spaces, with the doors open, to crank it up for all to hear. The highest volume (Sound Pressure) possible while still maintaining clean clear sound, that never shuts down from amplifier overheating. The Z-SP amplifiers can put out their maximum power, full volume, all day long, and never stop working because the thermal protection. 

We also stepped back and took a look at the amp that started it all, the Z-Series amplifier. What could we do the make the new Z-Series better? We saw that a lot of the non-critical parts from the AP and SP amps could used in the new Z-Series as well. Even with some of the non- critical SQ parts we save by buying more so we could use those in the Z-Series also. So the new Z-II series is here and with it, something virtually unheard of... More performance and a lower price at the same time.

Studio Series

Over the last couple of years Zapco has introduced more than our pure high end SQ Competition amps. We have also introduced a line of great sounding amps in an affordable price range called the Studio series. The Studio D amps are full range Class D amps with great sound, a compact chassis, and crystal clear power. We have added some very remarkable new full range Class D amplifiers to the Studio family. Thanks to a brand new technology, we are able use the NXP Class D solution to get amazing power and performance in a incredibly compact chassis with over 90% efficiency. And this diminutive little beast has all the features of the larger amps... and optional HD Bluetooth streaming! The HD Bluetooth Module (optional) is a Qualcomm CSR8675 premium tier single-chip solution with 80 MHz DSP, delivering high quality wireless audio performance over Bluetooth and aptX HD making it an ideal choice for premium audio products. New for 2020, Zapco offers two of the Studio D series amplifiers with on-board digital processing (DSP).

The Studio-X line of amplifiers from Zapco was designed specifically for today’s car audio market. The Studio-X compact chassis makes it an easy fit in any car and even in motorcycle fairings. The square, low profile chassis also means it will be easy to trim out for a great looking installation so your system will look as awesome as it sounds.  And speaking of sound... This is a Zapco amplifier and sound is what it’s all about. The Studio-X have the same high quality caps, 5532 op-amps, and bi-polar outputs that made the C2K and Reference series amps the industry standard for sound quality. There are fourteen amplifiers in the Studio-X series. Three SQ amplifiers with selected components, two amplifiers with DSP inside, and nine amplifiers as standard series, with six class D bass amps from 500 to 2,000 watts. Reliability? Zapco defines reliability. It’s not at all unusual to see Zapco amps moved from car to car and from generation to generation. Zapco Amps produced in the ‘90 are still being traded and bought on the internet by sound quality fans world wide. The Studio-x will be no different. 

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