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Digital Sound Processors

In the 2004 Zapco introduced in the market the first full function car DSP with an entire line of amplifiers with on-board DSP technology (the first DC Series). At that time, most dealers could not imagine that the DSP would become one of the most important innovations in Car Audio reproduction. At that time most people were thinking that digital technology would never be able to challenge analog sound in High-End sound reproduction. But that was then!

From 2004 to 2016 the digital technology has grown geometrically and Zapco introduced in the market its new 3rd generation of DSP products. Many new technologies have continued to come to digital processing and for the last two years Zapco has been working on the 4th and 5th generation of processors. The Gen-IV series of products for the general consumer market and the Gen-V series of product for the most demanding audiophile market and for the car audio competition venues.

The fifth generation of digital processors produced by Zapco is more than just a DSP. It proposes to manage the whole chain of the signal from the sound source up to the acoustic reproduction. An exchange of information on tuning and environmental characteristics where the acoustic system is working through a telematic connection will make the knowledge acquired by the Zapco universe immediate and available everywhere in the world. The fifth generation of the Zapco DSP is a flexible, modular and easy to install and use product. Digital technology is moving fast and the modular design of the Gen-V processors means upgrading will be a breeze and the processors will never be out of date or obsoleted.

The Zapco HDSP-V Series

It is hard to tell where science ends and passion begins, when they are running together with the same goal. Zapco's fifth generation processors were born to this area. The passion behind this project, and the driving force behind the required research, has been to create a digital system that had the sound of the best digital and analog systems available today. After all, listening to live music is absolutely an analog experience. The projects goal is not just the purest sound reproduction, but rather the purest sound reproduction in the listening environment, regardless of whether it is in a car, a home room or a concert hall. We brought together scientists from electronics, acoustics and digital processing, united in the effort to bring this to realization.

Zapco introduces the next generation of in-car processing. The Zapco Gen-V. The V-Series of HDSPs bring tuning features and sound quality never before offered in a car DSP. Up to 16 channels means you can build active systems at every corner of a multichannel sound system. HD means these are available with HD audio players as well. In fact, Zapco HD processors go beyond today's normal 24bit, 96/192 Khz high resolution standard. This means that today you can reproduce music superior to MP3, and even superior to CD quality. And when the next step in HD reproduction comes the Zapco HDSP will be ready to play it.

Included Wi-Fi and optional APTX HD Bluetooth allow the HDSP to connect to all auxiliary “smart” devices.


HDSP-Z16 V AD-16A  16-Ch. DSP with HD Player

  • 16 Channels DSP with HD Player

  • 8 Analog Inputs (RCA + High Level), 5 Digital Inputs, 16 Analog Outputs

  • DSP Processor: OMAP L-138 - 2 x 456 MHz, 32 Bit (till 64-bit/IEEE double precision) - Sampling Rate: 96 KHz

  • DSP Sampling Rate: 96 KHz

  • Player power: 456 Mhz - 32 Bit. Read till 192 KHz/24 bit

  • ADC Processor (standard): AK5558

  • DAC Processor (standard): AK4458

2399.99 $


HDSP-Z16 V AD-8A  8-Ch. DSP with HD Player

  • 8 Channels DSP with HD Player

  • 8 Analog Inputs (RCA + High Level), 5 Digital Inputs, 8 Analog Outputs

  • DSP Processor: OMAP L-138 - 2 x 456 MHz, 32 Bit (till 64-bit/IEEE double precision) - Sampling Rate: 96 KHz

  • DSP Sampling Rate: 192 KHz

  • Player power: 456 Mhz - 32 Bit. Read till 192 KHz/24 bit

  • ADC Processor (standard): AK5558

  • DAC Processor (standard): AK4458

2159.99 $


DAC KIT B14V  AK4490 Optional DAC Module

  • ​​AK4490 is a new generation Premium 32-bit 2ch DAC with new technologies, achieving industry’s leading level low distortion characteristics and wide dynamic range.

  • 32-Bit, 784 KHz, 120 dB DNR (8 ch.)

319.99 $


ADC KIT B  AK5578 Optional ADC Module

  • ​​The AK5578 integrates a 8-channel A/D converter, suitable for mixers and multi-channel recorders. Four types of digital filters are integrated and selectable according to the sound quality preference. 

  • 32-Bit, 784 KHz, 121 dB DNR

129.99 $

HD-BT Module

HD-BT  aptX HD Bluetooth Module

  • Qualcomm CSR8675

  • Single-chip solution with 80MHz DSP

  • aptX HD support

  • Connection: i2S

  • Dimensions (mm): N/A

139.99 $

The Zapco DSP-IV II Series

Two years ago, Zapco introduced the new DSP-Z8 IV signal processor. It was designed to bring true audiophile sound quality to an affordable DSP. And it did just that! The DSP-Z8 IV provided sound quality superior to units costing even twice as much. Even competition cars are using the Z8 IV, right up to one of the top Master Class SQ cars. The DSP-Z8 IV has been a true giant killer. But, as we have always said, and always will say, “We believe we can still do better”. This year we present the Zapco DSP-Z8 IV II and the ADSP-Z8 IV-8 Amplifier. What’s new with the Series IV II? Just about everything, new form, new features, new control... even improved sound quality with a lower noise floor.

The sharp new look matching the Black and Copper theme of the AP amplifiers is only the beginning. The hardware inside is where the magic begins. A quick fact: You can only be as good as your source material, and the DSP-Z8 IV II series greatly expands your potential for the best possible source material. The Toslink optical input accepts the digital signal from your head unit or from a portable HD player, but the IV II series doesn’t stop there. The DSP-Z8 IV II units also have digital Bluetooth streaming so you can stream digital music. Speaking of hardware, we have added the ADSP-Z8 IV-8 this year. So you can have the DSP Z8 IV II with an on-board 8-Channel full range Class D Amplifier.


DSP-Z8 IV II  8-Ch. DSP with BT Streaming

  • 8 Channels DSP

  • DSP Processor: Cirrus Logic CS47048

  • Power: 150 MHz/32 bit/48 KHz

  • ADC: Cirrus Logic CS5368 24 bit/192 KHz

  • DAC: Cirrus Logic CS47048 32 bit/192 KHz

  • Dimensions: 210(L) x 125(W) x 48(H)

799.99 $


ADSP-Z8 IV-8  8-Ch. DSP with 8-Ch. Amplifier

  • 8 Channels DSP with 8 Channels Amplifier

  • DSP, ADC, DAC: Same as DSP-Z8 IV II

  • Amp Power @ 4Ω: 8 x 80 watts

  • Amp Power @ 2Ω: 8 x 120 watts

  • Amp Power @ 4Ω Bridged: 4 x 240 watts

  • Dimensions: 222(L) x 230(W) x 52(H)

1199.99 $

R-IV iPhone

R-IV iPhone  2.2" Digital iPhone Player Interface

  • Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad compatibility

  • Display size: 2.2"

  • Display Resolution: 320 x 240

  • Control: Main Volume, Subwoofer Volume, Source, DSP Preset

  • USB-C Port

  • Connection: custom cable

  • Dimensions (mm): 111(L) x 21(W) x 49(H)

599.99 $

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