Special Speakers for BMW cars

The most important original speakers of the BMW 5 Series cars is the front audio system 
(1" tweeters and 4" midranges) and the 8" subwoofers under the front seats. Now ESB introduces the new kit, made with the Ferrari red color. A real "Special Car" speaker system.​

BMW Special Speakers


BMW FRONT 100  2-Way Front Speaker System for BMW 5

  • BMW-F41: 8"/20 cm component mid-woofer, with special adaptor to fit the Audi A6 original woofer housing in the front seats.

  • BMW-FTW1: 1"/2.5 cm component tweeter, with special adaptor to fit the BMW 5 Series original tweeter housing in the front seats.

499.99 $


BMW SUB  L+R Subwoofer System for BMW 5

  • The totally new subwoofer driver is a very special component, specifically developed for the BMW with the latest technology. The BMW Sub 1 contains the ESB CS-S81 8"/20 cm component subwoofers, with special adaptor to fit the BMW 5 Series original underseat subwoofer housing.

849.99 $

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