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Entry-level Series

The 2000 Series include advanced technologies for car audio speaker to serve the music in car. All the knowledge and experience of ESB R&D has been transferred to those special components, to obtain maximum audio performance as bandwidth, dynamic in music response and more fidelity reproduction of sound details. A reference product for your category.

A reference product for your category


High quality two way systems with a pair of 165 mm mid-woofer, a pair of 28 mm tweeter, a pair of metal grill, screws and accessoris.

This system include more advanced technology development for car audio speaker to serve the music in car. This systems can be virtually used on every car, it is able to produce a great sound even with moderate power amplifiers. A reference product for your category.

 2.028 Tweeter 

The tweeter uses a neodymium magnet optimized with computer simulations for get better efficiency and improve linearity.

Neodymium magnet is a high-grade type to eliminate magnetic lose at high temperature. Torcon® soft dome, an exclusive Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) with a high-performance fiber that offers superb heat resistance, low weight and excellent self damping, to give a resonance free frequency response until well audible frequency. The semi-catenary profile on our diaphragm provides maximum stiffness at the tip of the dome. The result is clean, sooth and transparent sound reproduction with high efficiency from 900 Hz to 25 KHz at high power handling capacity. The special ventilation design, SVS (Surround Vented System) provides two benefit: optimal cooling of moving coil to be able to handle high power without dynamic compression and avoiding compressing the air at the back of the dome, with a great reduction in distortion and extending response to lower frequency. Residual resonance are killed by the under dome damping material named dB Cloth® , this extends the frequency response to the lower limits and reduces harmonic distortion.

The protection grill can be supplied in different colors (white, black and green) to adapt to the vehicle dashboard. The front faceplate can be easily removed with clips and replaced with an adaptor for mounting from inside of the door panels. Tweeter can slide inside adaptor in five different position for a wide range of applications and/or assembly. A practical “cup” allows mounting above the dashboard or above the pillar using different type of orientation. The tweeter is supplied with a passive crossover with a practical cable connection and fast-on. (The crossover must be placed in a dry place)

2.165 Woofer 

Magnet motor is optimized with FEA simulation to ensure a perfectly symmetrical magnetic flux in both directions of movement of the cone. Metal parts machined from solid metal and refined with CNC machining for maximum magnetic flux linearity and minimum magnetic loss, this reduce distortion at high power levels. 25 mm CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminum Wire) double layer voice coil wound on a aluminum  former for exceptional power handling and compression-free reproduction of even the most demanding musical passages. Exponential cone built with a composite of cellulose pulp and hemp fiber (CELEMPTM), it ensures a perfect balance between rigidity and weight. The cellulose pulp ensures an extremely natural and fluid reproduction in all musical passages, with an excellent extension at high frequencies without audible break-up. The five spoke anti-resonant and self-extinguishing ABS basket with, ensure a drastic reduction of the cone’s back reflections. High structural and torsional rigidity are a goal for perfect parts alignment, this need a very low tolerance construction and assembling system, it means a better efficiency, more power handling and less distortion. The exclusive rubber surround offers maximum linearity of travel and high reliability in extreme conditions. The radial ventilation system ensures high thermal dissipation capacity, for power and reliability. Large cotton spider allows a smooth and gentle run at low excursions, and gently holds the cone at high excursions, this increases the useful range of use.

ESB 2.6K2

2.6K2  2-Way Speaker System

  • 2.165 - 6.5"/165 mm Woofer

  • 2.028 - 1.1/28 mm Dome Tweeter

  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm

  • Frequency Response: 48Hz to 25KHz

  • Nom. Power handling: Woofer 120W, Tw 90W

  • Transient Power: Woofer 240W, Tw 180W

299.99 $

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