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ARPA is where Music and Technology meet.

Established in 1993 but reinventing itself today in distributing

Hi-End Audio products in the American market.

We have always been deeply involved in the Internet and right from the beginning, we have been an important player in the arena of today’s digital world.

We also enjoy a powerful cooperation with the APEX Group, an organization located in Italy dedicated to the Research and Development of High-End Car Audio products.



About us

Rather than a single brand approach, we believe that higher performance can be achieved by combining multiple brands whose products have been designed with extraordinary technological innovation for a specific purpose in a specific category.

ARPA intends to sell only high-end products to highly qualified retailers tailored for a demanding public. We will assemble a “Dream Team” of brands in order to combat the limitation of the single brand. When more brands are proposed together, the retailer will enjoy more flexibility while the consumer enjoys a higher standard of performance.

Who are our customers

Our Retailers and Installers of the future will not be limited to Car Audio only. Our future holds many exciting developments, but the challenge today is to define how these developments will affect us and how we can best master them.  

Whether the product will be installed in a car, home or boat, software will have a much more predominant influence. Our future product will enjoy standardized software which will allow us to use music files across the platform of products.  In addition, products will be connected and able to talk to each other.  

As you can see ARPA, returns to its origins of being among the pioneers in understanding the power of the internet and we continue to be part of this new era when product will be able to communicate.

Please join us and be a part of this revolution of a new era.

Our most exciting days are ahead of us.

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